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About the School

The windsurf school is recognized by the Greek General Secretariat of Sports.


Highly skilled certified  instructors are ready to initiate you into the secrets of watersports.

All safety rules , safety boar and equipment are in accordance with the regulations dictated by the port authority and the Greek Sailing Federation.


We offer a relaxed and fun environment in Vouliagmeni Beach.


A location known as the Athens Riviera just 20km from the center of the city of Athens.

Within the premises there is parking, restaurant and bar.

The surfshool operates in coordination with the Nautical Club of Vouliagmeni Residents.


The lessons take place in our

facilities throughout the year.

Our goal is to instill the love for the sport, promote the athletic spirit and inspire with values young indivivuals.


Pre-T293 Entry Class

Windsurfer Development Class (WDC)

Is aimed at 7-15 year-old, newcomer athletes.

It divides into 3 categories

Open 3.5m (up to 3.5m2 sail)

Open 4.5m (up to 4.5m2 sail)

Open 5.8m (up to 5.8m2 sail)


Pre-Olympic Windsurfing - The T293 One Design Class

We retain  an athletic team of the official windsurf class T293 recognized by  World Sailing

and the Greek Sailing Federation.

T293 divides into 4 categories:

Under 13 years, Under 15 years, Under 17 years and the T293 Plus (Open to any age)

U13 (up to 5.8 m2 sail) - U15 (up to 6.8 m2 sail) - U17 (up to 7.8 m2 sail) - T293 Plus (up to 8.5 m2 sail)


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