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LDSV Olympic / Pre-Olympic Windsurfing Guidelines.

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Olympic windsurfing

In close cooperation with the class associations GWA and DWSV , the DSV has developed a guide for Olympic windsurfing and an overview of the various windsurfing classes .

The Deutscher Segler-Verband (German sailing federation) has released new guidelines for olympic and pre-olympic windsurfing. The concept was developed in close co-operation with the German windsurfing NCAs (national class associations) Deutsche Windsurfing Vereinigung (DWSV) and German Windsurfing Association (GWA). The new official guidelines for olympic and pre-olympic windsurfing are answering the questions of clubs and parents which is the right equipment for which age group. The guidlines provide a clear orientation for regional sailing federations, clubs, parents and young windsurf talents. The competition structures in Germany will be oriented according to these guidelines.

Here you can find the link to the new official guidelines for olympic and pre-olympic windsurfing: For the first time ever there is a clear continuous roadmap for a „windsurfing carreer": Entry into competitive windsurfing on Techno 293 equipment for the age groups U13 and U15. Switch to foil windsurfing and regional race team programs with Techno Wind Foil (TWF) Equipment for the age groups U17 and U19. And finally the step on the olympic iQFOiL equipment for the seniors and ambitious U19 kids. The decision for Techno Wind Foil as exclusive youth one design foil equipment was intensely discussed. The key arguments for TWF were the significantly lower costs compared with the alternatives. This is even further enforced by the option to use the existing T293 one design rigs also for TWF. This makes the switch from T293 to TWF cheap and easy and even allows the double use of the rigs in different training groups for clubs. Most clubs have made excellent experience with the durability of the T293 construction. As TWF is inheriting this, the clubs expect a long lifetime for the new youth one design foil equipment. This also helps to lower costs and will increase the TWF fleet size with the availability of used equipment in the coming years. Finally Techno Wind Foil can rely on the excellently established world wide structures of the Techno 293 class. International championships for TWF have already been announced for the upcoming 2021 season and national training and competition programs are developing in various countries.




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