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Lessons all year round! Amenities include
locker rooms, theory classroom and beach bar. 

Windsurf Lessons



These courses are intended for individuals who have no prior experience with the sport. Divided in two procedures, the Basic and the more Intensive version of it.


 Basic Program (10 sessions of 1-hour duration)

In this particular program you learn the basic principles of sailing and windsurfing, both in land and sea. Techniques such as transport of equipment, rigging of the sail, safety regulations. From how to lift the sail up from the water to do your first rides in both directions.

Intensive Program (5 sessions of 2-hour duration)

This program consists of everything included in the Basic Program, with the only difference being that the trainee is taught the directions. It is a program designed for people that want to advance more quickly.



Intermediate Program (10 sessions of 1-hour duration)

For people who have already some experience with windsurfing (who know how to ride in both directions, to jibe and tack) and people having trouble windsurfing, using a harness and footstraps.


In these particular courses the trainee is instructed in movements using a simulator, fine tuning of the rig and board in accordance with the weather conditions. Additionally we demonstrate the ideal assembling and disassembling of the equipment and all the safety regulations. Furthermore we 



Advanced Program (5 sessions of 2-hour duration)

These sesions are ideal for those who are already at ease riding in both directions, use harness and footstraps and have a fundamental capability of planning gybe.

Through these courses we look into maximizing your riding efficiency and offer elaborate explanations of windsurf movements on the simulator. Directions are given for the ideal trimming of the sail, more efficient use of the footstraps, harness lines, mastfoot location.

In the water we focus into different types of Gybe and focus on slalom and freestyle boards. Club equipment may be used or your personal board and rig. 



Children Group

Includes chidren 6 to 12 years old trying out windsurf for the first time or have little prior experience with the sport.


These sessions explain windsurf basic movements through a simulator and we teach techniques of rigging the sail, setting up the equipment,  carrying and positioning of the rig/board, safety regulations and general sailing theory.

In water we teach how to lift the sail up from the water, balancing and positioning, doing the first rides in both directions, riding up wind, turning (tacking and gybing). 


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